Baodi Thin-wall Stainless-steel Pipes
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Baodi Thin-wall Stainless-steel Pipes

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Baodi brand thin-walled stainless steel pipe is produced according to the national standard of GB/T 19228.2-2011: Thin-walled Stainless-steel for Stainless-steel Compression Pipe Fitting Connection. Standard operating procedures are used to guide production. The raw materials are SUS304 304L 316L 2B cold rolled plates produced by Posco or famous domestic large steel plants, and the automatic pipe making production line is equipped with Panasonic CNC IGBT inverter DC combined with pulse IG welding machine, as well as advanced butt welding argon protection welding and T.IG welding technology.


1. Specification of thin-walled stainless steel pipe

Inside Nominal Diameter DNDN External Diameter of Pipes(mm) Allowable Deviation of External Diameter C Wall Thickness(mm)

Allowable Deviation of Wall Thickness

S1 S2
DN 15 I Series16 ±0.10 1.0   ±10%S
II Series15.9 ±0.10   0.8
DN 20 I Series20 ±0.11 1.2  
II Series22.2 ±0.11   1.0
DN 25 I Series25.4 ±0.14 1.2  
II Series28.6 ±0.14   1.0
DN 32 I Series32 ±0.17 1.5  
II Series34 ±0.17   1.2
DN 40 I Series40 ±0.21 1.5  
II Series42.7 ±0.21   1.2
DN 50 I Series50.8 ±0.26 1.5  
II Series48.6 ±0.26   1.2
DN 65 76.1 ±0.38 2.0 1.5
DN 80 88.9 ±0.44 2.0
DN 100 101.6 ±0.54 2.0
108 ±0.54 20
DN 125 133 ±1.0 2.5 ±0.30
DN 150 159 2.5
DN 200 219 ±1.0%D 3.0
DN 250 273 4.0
DN 300 325 4.0


2. Stainless-steel pipe and pipe fitting material trademark and uses


New Trademark / Old Trademark


Austenitic Stainless-steel


Pipes for cold water, hot water, drinking water and building drainage


Pipes for cold water, hot water, drinking water and building drainage


Where hot water and corrosion resistance are higher than the requirements of SUS304 and SUS304L


where seawater, high chlorine medium or corrosion resistance are higher than the requirements of SUS316 and materials should be selected for insoluble welding pipes


Baodi Thin-wall Stainless-steel Pipes


Baoji stainless steel product manufacturing standard

GB/T19228.1-2011    (Stainless-steel compression pipe fittings)

GB/T19228.2-2011    (Thin-walled stainless steel pipes for stainless steel compression fittings)

GB/T19228.3-2012    (O type sealing ring for stainless steel clamped pipe fitting)

GB/T12771-2008     (Welded stainless steel pipe for fluid transport)

CJ/T152-2010      (Thin - walled stainless steel compressed and grooved fittings)


Baodi Stainless-steel Material

SUS 304/S30408(06Cr19Ni10)

SUS 304L/S30403(022Cr19Ni10)

SUS 316/S31 608(06Cr17Ni12Mo2)

SUS 316L/S31603(022Cr17Ni12Mo2)

Stainless-steel 2B cold-rolled sheet from Posco and other big factories is used as raw material of Baodi stainless steel and the production is performed according to the standard of DN15-DN300.


The surface of Baodi stainless steel is process by the following four ways:

1. External surface polishing treatment

2. Bright solution or pickling passivation treatment for internal and external surfaces

3. Internal and external surface polishing treatment

4. Inner surface polishing treatment

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